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When I first fell in love with Pomeranians, I had a lot of questions. I knew Poms are great companion dogs because several of my friends have Pomeranians too. But I had questions like these you might have too about how to train my pomeranian:

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As part of my mission to learn more about Pomeranian training, I found a very nice breeder. In fact, I interviewed this certified APC (American Pomeranian Club) breeder. And finally, because the recording is available, you too can learn these Pomeranian secrets.


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My 36-minute Pomeranian breeder interview delivers pure Pomeranian gold. It's full of common sense and practical advice and techniques based on years of Pomeranian training experience. This recording, which you will receive as a downloadable audio file (in MP3 form), will without a doubt save you a lot of time, energy and frustration. Most importantly, this recording will teach you how to you have a healthier, happier Pomermanian.

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